Lékué Cooking Mesh, Clear, 6.5 lbs.

Cooking Mesh, Clear, 6.5 lbs.
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Item #: 3401000B04U004
Price: 15.00
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The Lékué cooking mesh allows you to boil various foods at one time, separately and depending on their cooking times. The cooking mesh can be used for a variety of functions, such as blanching tomatoes, seasoning soups, boiling pasta and adding aromas without blending the ingredients. Food is also easily removed from the cooking pot. Can also be used in a pressure cooker. The silicone cooking mesh offers all the benefits of the most modern material: resistance, flexibility, non-stick properties and easy cleaning. INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE: 1. Open the mesh 2. Place the food in the mesh 3. Pull the string to close it 4. Submerge it in boiling water 5. Remove the mesh when the food is cooked 6. Open on the insulated side