Lékué Deco Pen + 4 Nozzles, Green

Deco Pen + 4 Nozzles, Green
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Item #: 3403100V10M017
Price: 18.00
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With Deco Pen, the most recent, innovative product added to Lékué's TOOLS family, you can add design and flavor to all your dishes, whatever the occasion. Mix your favorite sweet and savory sauces and have fun adding the finishing touch and giving flavor to salads, meats, fish and desserts. Also have fun with the kids, decorating their favorite dishes. The new, four nozzle model opens up even more possibilities to decorate and improve on your favorite foods. Deco Pen: DECORATION GIVES THE FINISHING TOUCH.
HEIGHT 43 1.69
WIDTH 85 3.35
LENGTH 94 3.7