Lékué Minute Cake, Set of 4

Minute Cake, Set of 4
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Item #: 0212160SURM017
Price: 15.00
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Designed to bake desserts (like lava cake) in the microwave and then eat warm.• A developing trend: people don’t have time or energy to bake a cake, but it doesn’t mean they don’t want a homemade dessert. This is the origin of the fast growing trend: cake-in-a-mug, cake-in-a-jar. Suitable in a healthy and well-balanced diet, small and individual portions.All in one preparation, baking and serving. Easy recipes: 3 steps, 5 minutes!Dishwasher safe and easy cleaning. Non-stick properties allows easy cleaning.

10 Golden Rules for Microwave Cooking

Capacity: 27.05
HEIGHT 85 3.35
WIDTH 117 4.61
LENGTH 117 4.61
CAPACITY 27.05 oz