Lékué Rice Cooker, Green

Rice Cooker, Green
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Item #: 0200700V06M500
Price: 35.00
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A very attractive rice cooker that allows you to cook rice in the microwave. Time saver. No need to boil water first.Clean. Thanks to its design, water doesn’t overflow and the microwave stays clean.From kitchen to table. With a simple, practical and highly attractive design, the Rice Cooker can be taken to the table and used as a serving vessel. Not only for rice! Use for a wide variety of other grains: couscous, wheat, barley, oats, buckwheat, etc.Scientifically tested. Its design is the result of a research on rice cooking in the microwave. Dishwasher safe: Made in plastic and 100% platinum silicone.

Number 7 is a large category that designates all the plastics which do not have a specific recycling protocol. The #7 category was designed as a catch-all for polycarbonate (PC) and “other” plastics, so reuse and recycling protocols are not standardized within this category. In this category, you find polycarbonates and also vegetable based plastics (p.e. corn) which do not contain BPA. The bottoms of most plastic bottles are imprinted with a number inside a small recycling triangle. Any product with BPA carries the number 7, but not all products with the number 7 have BPA as our products which are do not contain BPA. Our rice cooker and pasta cooker bases does not contain BPA."

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Capacity: 33.81
HEIGHT 131 5.16
WIDTH 178 7.01
CAPACITY 33.81 oz