Customer Service - Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find a specific product?

Please review the listing of top Lékué USA retailers on this website. You can also review your favorite housewares website, or you can call 302 326 4805 for more information.

What websites carry Lékué products?

Many housewares websites offer Lékué products. Please go to your favorite search engine and type in "Lekue", and a listing will appear.

Does Lékué warranty their products?

Lékué offers a 10 year warranty for manufacturer's defects. We will replace any item with the same or similar item, if the item fails during use. Warranty not effective for commercial use.

Can I order items that are available in other countries and not the USA?

Lékué USA does not special order products that are available outside the USA but you are welcome to email us your request for other items at [email protected]

Why are some products listed in your brochure but are not available in the United States?

Some of our brochures are used internationally and may contain products that are sold outside the USA.

Will Lékué ship internationally?

Lékué USA does not ship outside the USA, however, we can direct you to local distributors that can help fulfill your product needs.

Can I order a catalog or product brochure?

Please place an order through this website, however your product questions may already be answered in this website.

I am opening a new store. Who is your contact person in our State?

Please send an inquiry through this website, or call 302 326 4805 and ask for customer service, and we will direct you to a local sales representative.

What is the procedure for returning product that needs to claimed under the Lekue Warranty?

Please either call 302 326 4805, or send an e-mail through this web-site to "consumer relations", and you will receive shipping instructions and the procedure for returning items that require replacement.

Who is not authorized to sell our products on Amazon?

There are several third party sellers on the website that are not authorized to sell Lekue USA products. When purchasing, it is important to note where the product is being "shipped from and sold by";, which is clearly stated in the header for each product that is sold on Please use caution when making a purchase on, as it is possible that the Lekue USA product will not be covered by our warranty. If you purchase from a third party seller on, and there is an error with the product, you must go through that third party seller to resolve the issue. Lekue USA will not refund or replace products bought through Amazon third party sellers unless the seller is an AUTHORIZED THIRD PARTY SELLER. Email us at [email protected] or call us at 302 326 4805, before you purchase to verify if the seller is an AUTHORIZED THIRD PARTY SELLER.

For additional cleaning options if you have any odor, please try these tips.

  • Place lemon slices with water into the Ogya/Steam case and heat in the microwave for 1 minute at 600. After heating, remove the water and scrub with lemon the walls of the steam case and rinse.
  • Heat 50 ml of milk in the Steam case for 1 minute at 600W. Once heated, remove the milk with a spoon scrubbing the walls of the Steam case. Remove and rinse.
  • Hand washing with warm water in without soap, and putting it in the oven at 200ºC/392F full with soda and lemon slices.

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