Lékué Ice Cube XL, Blue

Ice Cube XL, Blue
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Item #: 0250600Z10C004
Price: 18.00
  • Product Features
  • Technical characteristics
Ice cube tray makes 7 large, and perfectly square ice cubes, allowing you to add a touch of flavor to your drinks and cocktails. Perfect size for freezing fresh herbs! Includes a cocktail menu with 5 original drinks to get you started.
  • Ideally shaped: perfectly square ice cubes
  • Large size: 4 x 4 cm (1.57 x 1.57 in.) ice cubes
  • Long-lasting: due to their size, you can enjoy your ice for hours
  • Fun: decorate your own cocktails at home
  • Flavorful: add flavor to your ice cubes with fruit slices or spices
  • Colorful: fresh, fun summer colors
  • Protection: cover protects cubes from particles

Great other uses for the Lékué Ice Cube Trays In the freezer:

  1. Freeze pesto: Fill each cup with a little pesto and freeze. Pop a pesto cube or two out when you need to whip up a quick pasta lunch or drop them into soups and sauces for extra flavor.
  2. Preserve herbs: Chop up fresh herbs and put them in the trays. Fill each cup with water or olive oil and freeze. When a recipe calls for just a small portion of fresh herbs, you’ll have just the right amount in one cube.
  3. Don’t waste tomato paste: Recipes rarely call for more than a tablespoon or two of tomato paste, so what’s left in the can often goes unused. Spoon tomato paste into the ice cube tray and freeze for perfect future portions and no waste.
  4. Stockpile smoothie ingredients: Puree kale or spinach and freeze it in an ice cube tray. Add the still-frozen puree cubes to smoothies instead of plain ice for an extra dose of healthy vitamins.
  5. Make mini popsicles: Freeze juice, yogurt or pureed fruit in an ice cube tray until thick or slushy, then prop a toothpick in the center. Once frozen, you’ve got a bite-sized popsicle – the perfect no-guilt, anytime tiny treat.

Capacity: 13.52
HEIGHT 75 2.95
WIDTH 220 8.66
LENGTH 245 9.65
CAPACITY 13.52 oz