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Lékué Popcorn Maker Popcorn Maker
Lékué Popcorn Maker Popcorn Maker
Lékué Popcorn Maker Popcorn Maker
Lékué Popcorn Maker Popcorn Maker
Lékué Popcorn Maker Popcorn Maker
Lékué Popcorn Maker Popcorn Maker
Lékué Popcorn Maker Popcorn Maker
Lékué Popcorn Maker Popcorn Maker
Lékué Popcorn Maker Popcorn Maker
Lékué Popcorn Maker Popcorn Maker

Popcorn Maker Red

Item #0200226R10M017
5 reviews

A silicone mould that allows you to make your own popcorn in the microwave, with no ingredients other than the kernels. In a few minutes you will have fresh popcorn to which you can add the ingredients you like and enter into the world of easy and original popcorn recipes.

" x 7.9" x 5.7" cm x cm x cm
" x " x " cm x cm x cm
98.5 OZ ()

All plastics and silicone used in the manufacture of Lékué products are very easy to clean. This can be done by hand with a neutral soap, without using abrasives. 

A dishwasher is only recommended if it can be programmed at temperatures that do not exceed those specified on the individual product's packaging and if they are placed on the top shelf of the dishwasher, unless they are products made from SBS plastic or Tyvek® in which case they are not suitable for dishwashers.

10-Year Guarantee

Lékué offers a 10 year warranty for manufacturer's defects. We will replace any item with the same or similar item, if the item fails during use. Warranty not effective for commercial use.

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Mickey N.
United States
I recommend this product
Makes great popcorn

The first time I used it the popcorn burned before it finished popping.. my microwave is 1100 watts so I’ve had to experiment to find the right power and time. Using 90% for two minutes pops the most corn without scorching it. I love the crispy texture.

Easy, Easy Snack

This is simply the best popcorn popper I've ever owned. Three minutes and I have perfect popcorn. I favor a little peanut oil and salt. It comes out perfectly delicious. I had hoped to buy as Christmas gifts, but it's currently out of stock :(

Kelly M.
Life changer!!

I LOVE this popcorn maker I received as a gift. I don't like pre packaged microwave popcorn because it is always too salty. I don't like making popcorn in a pan because it always burns the pan. I don't like popcorn poppers because they take up way too much space. I LOVE this because it doesn't burn, it's easy, it's storable in a small space and most importantly, I can add as little salt or butter as I want to my own liking! I want to give this as a gift to everyone in my family!

I want a duplicate...

I have a Lekue Pop Corn Popper. I like it very much. I have 9 children. I would like to buy each one. Go on the internet and you find many "look a likes". The box mine came in gives no model number, no way to tell what to order to be sure I duplicate mine. I want one just like the one I have. How about a model number or do you just make one so that is ll I need. Please clue me in. Help Al Marcy

Lékué USA

Hello! The Lekue Popcorn Maker's item number is 0200226R10M017. Thanks!

Becky R.
Very happy with popcorn maker

So pleased with this product. Put 1/3 cup popcorn in and it popped all the way to top and lifted the lid a little over edge, but no popcorn came out. Love the way it folds down and can be stuffed in a smaller space. Loved the three popcorn recipies (sp?) on your website.

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